A to Z of Creativity

Over the next few weeks as part of the Whitworth’s new School of Creativity thinking we are going to have a go at shaping a creativity A to Z. 

Creativity is such a subjective concept. Therefore, it aims to be a work in progress, not a definitive list.

As it forms, we will add content to this blog to explore the Whitworth’s relationship to creativity and why it plays such an important role in informing the work that we do.

We will explore each letter of the alphabet and its connection to creativity. Through playful definitions, collections artworks, activities, films and shared insights by partners and friends we will build our A to Z.

How could we kick off our A to Z of Creativity with anything else…

A is for Artist 

Artists have used creative approaches to help shape their practice throughout history.

Creativity often underpins artistic thinking. From imagining new artworks and concepts to exploring issues and causes as agents of social change.

At the Whitworth evidence of artist creativity can be seen everywhere. In our exhibitions, collections, artworks, performances, installations and in the social projects that artists help us realise.

Our creative practitioner team is formed of artists from a diverse range of practices, disciplines and backgrounds. Their creative mind-set, knowledge, skills and experience help us shape and deliver our public programmes and civic responsibilities.

Meet our artists

We invited artists from of our creative practitioner team to introduce themselves and talk about how creativity plays a role in their work. Watch their film here,

Get Creative – Art Activity

Here are some artist led activities and online workshops for you to explore your own creativity at home.

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